What’s happening, Likeness Press?

Hello! It’s about time for an update. Things have been brewing over the last few months: – more artist signups – more cafes chased for a “yes” to be included in the book – talk of setting up an exhibition of the artwork during Oxford Artweeks May 2016 – new aim to publish the book […]

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Likeness Press Oxford book update So how’s it going? For the last few months I’ve been sending out lots of emails to artists in Oxford inviting them to be a part of the Likeness Press book project. Most have said yes, and lots of the cafes have also responded with enthusiastic yesses. Recently, several Oxford […]

Feeling 40

So far: more than 40 artists have signed up to illustrate cafes for the Oxford Cafe Book and more than 40 cafes have agreed to be included in the book!