Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson

I am a self taught artist who has been painting and drawing from an early age. I work in a studio at home and prefer to create small to medium sized works, most recently using coloured pencil, coloured inks, graphite and charcoal or chalk as well as gouache on thick paper. I also work in acrylics and oils on canvas. Although I am not a traditional watercolourist, I enjoy working with ink, pencil and wash. In the same way I find drawing with ink pen comes more naturally than working with graphite.

I learn through practice and by looking as intently as possible at the work of artists I admire such as Howard Hodgkin, Kurt Jackson, Stanley Spencer, David Hockney and Anselm Kiefer. I look closely at the original artwork and think about composition, colour, light, technique and subject matter. Whatever I learn tends to find its way into my own work, whether it is classical or contemporary painting and drawing. Meeting other artists, seeing how they work, talking about work in progress and attending classes also adds to this pool of knowledge. I have also entered art competitions to gain experience of my work being judged by peers.

As well as painting I have curated a number of exhibitions working with groups of artists in order to understand more fully the process not only of making artwork but also presenting it and engaging with viewers, buyers and collectors. I am happy to talk about my work and share the thinking behind it. I enjoy listening to feedback as well as seeing where buyers place it and what they feel about it. I believe very strongly in the transformative nature of art and its capacity to bring happiness and uplift, to see things in a fresh way.

When doing commissions I try to make sure that I get a complete picture of what someone wants and encourage dialogue and discussion about the finished piece. I like to share the process and adapt what I am doing in the light of feedback and suggestions. Involving the person who has commissioned me in this way gives both a better insight into the work as well as a heightened appreciation of its meaning and purpose. This is especially important when the person commissioning me is new to living with original artwork. Recently I completed a series of paintings for a book on the cafes of Oxford and I am happy to undertake projects of this kind.