What and who is Likeness Press?

Likeness Press is a creative venture set up by Hannah Davis. The hope is that Likeness Press will be an organiser of events, the curator of collaborative art projects, a greetings card brand, and much more.

How can I get involved?
Are you an artist/do you like to draw? If so, and you are living in Oxford, you could contribute an illustration to the next edition of the book (fingers crossed)! Please email artwork@likenesspress.org and we’ll get in touch with the full details, including asking you to choose the café you’d like to draw.

Why bother making a book?
See the about page for more of the story. But the simple answer is Why not? The idea came to Hannah one day and people have agreed it’s a good idea. To Hannah, it would be a crime not to pursue the idea and there can never be too many beautiful books in this world. Because Hannah works in publishing and design she will be able to do most of the editing, book layout and design, and will get in some extra design help for the overall design of the book and the cover.

What counts as a café?
For this book, the selected cafés will be those that offer a space to enjoy a good cup of tea and coffee (at a minimum), and where most people would feel comfortable going just to sip a drink on their own or get a book out to read. Some cafés will have the bonus of lunches on offer, some will have multiple varieties of tea, and some are better for studying in. This book will help someone make the choice of which café best suits an occasion and enjoy Oxford more fully.

How many cafés will you be covering?
The book will include as many independent cafés as possible from Oxford city, not Oxfordshire in general. That covers Headington, Summertown, Oxford Centre, Cowley and Jericho. There may be room for some related businesses, Street Food pop-ups and ‘feature’ cafes from further out, whose owners would need to pay for a space in the book as a form of advertisement. If this is you, please get in touch.

Is this book promoting cafés or artists?
A bit of both! But it’s important to make the distinction: the primary aim of the book is to gather artists and showcase their artwork through their interpretation and enjoyment of a café space. The secondary aim is to provide a guide to Oxford’s cafés, raising the awareness of the variety available, and supporting Oxford as a City of Culture. The café owners have given permission for their café to be included in the book, but have not paid to be included, nor have they paid the artist or chosen which artist they are paired with.

When will the book be available?
The book will be May 2016. Keep coming back to this website for news.

When will the exhibition be?
7-15th May

Will the artists involved get paid?
In short: no. Because the dream is to involve lots of different artists who are at varying stages in their artist journey, it unfortunately isn’t feasible to raise enough money to pay all of the artists, and so none will be paid (unless you’d like to fund it – yes please!) But there are many other benefits for the artists involved: a free copy of the book when finished, their name and illustration in at least one page (and in the index) of the book, entry into the group exhibition at the end and the social benefits of being involved in a community-building activity, both in the art world and in the local café scene.

Where does the profit go to?
The book is a not-for-profit project. Profit made from book sales will go towards covering expenditure from setting up the project (e.g. branding and web costs), organising and hosting a group exhibition at the end and maintenance of the website. The making of the book will rely on a crowdfunding campaign and external funding to raise advance funding for the production of the book.

What rights does the artist retain to their artwork after submitting it?
All of them: the artwork will remain the property of the artist. When the artist is matched with a café, they will need to sign an agreement that clearly states these kinds of details, and grants Likeness Press with a non-exclusive licence to use the artwork in promotional materials and advertising across all formats, and to publish it in an exhibition catalogue or other Likeness Press publication. Likeness Press will ask for a scan of the artwork, but will never have the physical copy. Likeness Press asks that the artwork be available for an exhibition later on, but otherwise the artist can do what they like with the artwork, including promoting it on their website, reproducing it and selling it.

If you wish to use any of the artwork on this website or in the book for your own (commercial or commercial) purposes you will need to get in touch with the artist directly. Look for the artist here.

Creative Commons License
The artwork is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Who can submit artwork?
Likeness Press asks that the contributor has an interest in art, and actively pursues it in their work or in their free time, demonstrates artistic ability to a standard suitable for the quality of the other artwork, and are 16 years old at a minimum.

Does it have to be original artwork?
Likeness Press would love it if all the artwork is created especially for this project, but is open to the idea of including artwork previously created by the artist if it fits the brief. Please email artwork@likenesspress.org if that’s the case.

What size or format does the artwork have to be?
The artwork can be created using any medium as long as it is scannable. The illustration of the café needn’t look like a photographic copy but should show something distinctive of the café. 1-2 illustrations are asked for; full brief and specification will be sent when the artist signs up. The artwork can be produced within one sitting or taken home to finish/redraw/revise with photos; as you wish. We do ask that the artist pays at least one visit to the café for an initial sketch and to get the feel of the space (we will contact the café first and hopefully they will agree to offering the artist one complimentary hot drink!)

I’d like to write something about this project. How can I get in touch?
Great! Please email hello@likenesspress.org.

This sounds great but I don’t live in Oxford. 
My dream is for lots of these books to sprout up in different cities, and to help others replicate this project. If you’re interested in setting a project up in your city, please email hello@likenesspress.org.

If you have any questions not answered here, please get in touch by emailing hello@likenesspress.org.